Saturday, June 18, 2011


Wow! Has it really been THAT long since I last post?! That's a bit shameful! Done now though, not much I can do about it now except post again!

So what has been happening on my side of the screen? Well my gorgeous boy isn't a baby anymore! He is a 15 month old little boy. Has been running for months now, has 16 teeth (and is cutting more as I type). He is speaking a few words and understands so much of what we say. He loves puzzles and reading. He often brings me books and just likes to sit on my lap and point to the words while I read. He has a huge personality and knows exactly what he wants. He is still a mumma's boy though! Will get a picture tomorrow.

As for me? Well I have been spending the last few months running around after R, sewing, crafting and setting up my website. Which I am quite excited about to be honest! Can be found here. Also I have lost 14cm around my tummy and butt! Proud of that too. Just came out of a plaster cast on my arm this week. Fell over the baby gate. Woops!! My website has been my new baby but never meant it to replace this! Well I am back now and will update more regularly.

Have been going to a fortnightly craft group with my mum and some friends and we are currently creating a mystery quilt. Oooh exciting. So will have a photo of that when we are done. Will be my first one but I already love quilting! Also teaching myself to crochet. Not doing toooooo badly, but we will see.

It is now 11.30pm and I am in desperate need of some sleep. But I am tied to my sewing machine all day tomorrow so thought I would post this now.

Hope your 2011 is going great!
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