Monday, January 31, 2011

Felt... Like Something Different

I am loving Felt! I love all the New Zealand handmade gorgeous goodies!

Some of my favourites this week -

Honey and Spice - amazing handmade soaps, lotions, body butters, oils, lip balms and more. I have completely converted from my liquid body wash to her soap bars. I hate soap. I hate that it dries out.... BUT, this soap doesn't. It's fantastic! Currently in the bathroom is her peppermint cream soap bar, chocolate fudge soap bar ready to go. Lavendar and Patchouli bath/massage oil for Riley (which mixes into the water - does not sit on top) and her choc mint lip balm in my handbag. She uses all natural ingredients and as few ingredients as possible. When you read the ingredients - you actually have heard of them and know what they are!

Swanwear - 1950's inspired swimwear. Gorgeous and flattering! I can't wait to be able to afford a pair of her vintage deliciousness.

Will Make for Change - Oh my word! Look at those oragami tea cups! I want all 7 of them! And the songbird teacup on the next page?! Starting my day having a cuppa out of one of those would just brighten my morning.

Exter - Now I don't want to get into a habit of linking one specific item - so have linked the whole store... However - sneak a peak at her polished brass envelope locket necklace. You open the envelope, and there is a little polished brass note that says 'I Love You'. Will be showing this to my man ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Branching Out

So my mum enjoys quilting, stitchery and crossstitch. I, on the other hand, get half way through a bookmark crossstitch border and give up. But I love the look of quilted blankets and think that stitchery is (a bit faster) and looks really nice, so I am giving it a go. I started at the end of 2009 while still pregnant. But then we moved and it ended up in the bottom of a box.

Have started going to craft night each fortnight with mum and her friends, so decided to dig it out and keep going.

It is a christmas theme so I should have enough time to finish it! =

Will take a picture tomorrow when my camera is charged for a bit of an 'as-I-go' montage. Even Rocky had a montage!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Pair of Jammies

Just for Riley.

The pattern I had I didn't use because there isnt enough room in my sewing room to cut out patterns and large fabric pieces. so I have to do it in the living room - however out kitten deicded it would be fun to try and eat the pattern. So I just had to wing it. There is actually only 2 things I would alter next time... The width of the arms and legs, and the way the neck sits.

Turned out quite well I thought! and the fabric is so cute!

What To Do On A Cold Day?

Curl up and go back to bed. (dreaming!)

But failing that, I think today is the day to make my boy some new feety pyjamas! Have had the pattern for a little while now (a few months) and just bought some fabric on the weekend. So its on like Donkey Kong! Wow I miss Donkey Kong. Was such a great game! Even still have a Super Nintendo. That takes me back!

Anyway will post a pic when I'm done = Have some adorable fabric!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facebook 300 Likes Giveaway

So the powers that be have decreed that a giveaway involving tags is a step too far.

HOWEVER... Facebook allows giveaways on a seperate website and to advertise it on my Facebook page...

So here we go.

This is what is up for grabs.
Wallet with 6 credit card slots, money/notes slot and a coin pocket. Poly resin snap shut with 2 snap options (for when you win lotto and stuff your wallet full of cash ;) hehe)

Open to New Zealand and Australian residents only (sorry!).

To enter - simply leave a comment on this blog post. will select a winner on February 1st.

Thanks for putting up with me!

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