Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Pair of Jammies

Just for Riley.

The pattern I had I didn't use because there isnt enough room in my sewing room to cut out patterns and large fabric pieces. so I have to do it in the living room - however out kitten deicded it would be fun to try and eat the pattern. So I just had to wing it. There is actually only 2 things I would alter next time... The width of the arms and legs, and the way the neck sits.

Turned out quite well I thought! and the fabric is so cute!


  1. awesome someone will be nice and toastie this winter :)

  2. Cute! Wish I could do this! lol

  3. Ha - that's the exact same fabric I just used to make a bunch of undies for Nicholas! (World's Smallest Bum, my guy). Riley looks adorable.

  4. lol Debs! I just cut around a body suit he already had :P

    Judy - its such a cute fabric! and lol I read your blog about him having a 4mnth old size bum!


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