Friday, August 6, 2010

The messy fun begins!

Well my little boy is not so little anymore and has started solids. Banana to be precise. I'm a big believer in baby-led-weaning so always have to change his clothes afterwards. But I love watching him learn to put the food in his mouth!!! It has been going a few places it shouldn't (like up his nose!!) but he has been pretty good and hasn't gotten much on the floor to be honest. Just his face and clothes and chair lol. 

Trying something else this week. Has done 6 days with banana, so on the 1st week anniversary of his beginning solids, might treat him to something else... maybe some apple. Stay tuned :)

Pic here of him in his highchair. He looks so tiny in it! It's packed with 2 blankets to keep him in the middle, and I now just have him sitting up with me and I hand him the banana coz he looks too little for his highchair!


  1. He's adorable! And yes, he's still little ;-)

  2. What fun! Those days seem so long ago for me, but I'm sure you're told all the time to enjoy these tiny years, because they go so fast. I'm tellin' ya, they do! He's a totally cutie!


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