Sunday, May 23, 2010

How exciting!!!

As I sit here on the couch watching Monty Python's Almost The Truth, waiting for my man to cook dinner... it occurs to me that I could be spending some time taking account of my life as a new mum, and my sons life as a new human. Because let's face it, I cant even remember if I ate breakfast and it would be nice if I have a record of what happens in my life, so that when Dave (my partner and father of my child) and/or Riley (our son... born March 11, 2010 - currently 10 1/2 weeks old) come to me further down the track... I would like to have proof that I'm right.  

To get the ball rolling, a few facts about how our son came into the world, because this blog is about being a mum first, homemaker second. If my son only knows one thing in this world, I want it to be that he is the most important aspect of my life, and the dishes can wait until after he has shown my his latest drawing and told me about his day.  

He was a footling breech position from 19weeks. He was head down for a total of about 10 days, and decided that positioning himself to look like a russian Cossack dancer was so much more comfortable.  

Was born via C-Section on 11th March, 2010 at 11.29am. everything went perfectly and when he came out and the nurse took him to the side to suction his lungs (as you have to with a CS baby due to them not going through the birthing process and everything associated with it) he managed to pee all over the nurse and Dave. In recovery for 45 mins and had his first breastfeed, then through to my room on the ward where my mum had left work and was waiting... (as the assistant manager i found this even funnier)  

To be perfectly honest... the first 24-48 hours i have almost no recollection of... mostly due to the pain medication and being in a permanent out-of-it state. There were some very proud grandparents, aunties and uncles who lovingly didnt turn up all day everyday. And for that I will be forever grateful. 6 days in hospital (due to BFing problems) and finally got to go home. Don't remember much of that either.  

When I come back in the morning I will make a quick post (ahaha yeah... quick short post... hmmm) about the first 10 weeks and will take it from there.  

Don't shake your head. If you made it this far down the entry I know you must be somewhat interested =D

Dave and Riley after he got peed on 

an hour old. first family photo 

with the BFing problems I had to express and we had to finger feed. 

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