Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Nothing like fresh veges direct from your garden! As Dunedin is so incredibly *blurgh* over winter, not knowing if it is going to rain, hail, snow, be foggy or nice and sunny, it is incredibly hard for a novice gardener such as myself to grow anything.

But come Spring... that's a whole different story! Planter box #1 was done today with carrot seeds, when they germinate and sprout we will transfer them to the garden. Planter box #2... I wanted to experiment with onion as I had one in the back of the pantry i had forgotten about and has started to sprout new roots so I took all the good layers and chopped them up for the slow cooker (Waste not.. want not!) and planted the core of the onion in planter box 2 last week. I was curious how it was going so I did a little digging and its sprouting!!

We also have a mini plastic hothouse specifically for germination and sprouting, so Will be working on some lettuce and other spring/summer veges.

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  1. Exciting times! I'm just a novice vegie gardener myself...have learnt a lot over the winter (lucky being over here we can garden all year round!). It is the best feeling picking and eating straight from the garden. Would love to see some pics of yours.


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