Monday, October 4, 2010

Laughter: The Best Medicine

I was heavily pregnant with Riley over the summer... Due in March, I had a big baby belly from Christmas time... Every night was spent in bed with the sheets kicked off and my fan on high (I even had a remote for my fan!!)... Was too hot to sleep and that on top of reflux and kicks made for not alot of deep sleep.

Isn't it amazing how your body just gets used to it and you can function on alot less sleep than you ever planned on.

Isn't it amazing how after months of this (and the newborn sleepless nights) you can function [reasonably] well on as little as 4 hours of 'sleep'. (I have been really lucky that Rileys has been sleeping through since about 2 months old, but I still wake up during the night to roll over... I don't move in my sleep!)

Isn't it amazing, how when you have a great sleep right through... you wake up with a headache and you feel even more tired than normal?

And what may be the cure to this? I hear you ask... Pretending to eat your childs feet just to hear the squeal with excitement. (Ok the squealing.. not so much, but the laughter is contagious!)

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