Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Sleeps... Therefore, I Hobby...

Well my only real hobbies before have been beading/jewellery design or reading. Since having been pregnant my hobbies have been complaining about sore joints and sitting in front of the fan. Since having Riley, my hobbies have been singing silly songs in a horrible singing voice, trawling TradeMe and baby stores for cute baby things, paper scrapbooking and having coffee with other mums. Now that Riley has figured out how to sleep in predictable amounts, I have been "siggie making" and digital scrapbooking... and I love it! 

No longer do I look longingly at my favourite bits and pieces and settle for second best so I don't use the good ones. No longer do I look at a completed page and think to myself "well to be honest that's pretty crap" because by the miracle of an "Undo" button and a copy and paste, all that has changed! 

In fact... I am a Designer in Training on 2 siggie making websites... Simply Siggies which can be found here and Little Monster Designs which can be found at this link. Not only that... but I have been asked to join a CT (creative team). 

Claire of Tink Designs. (My layouts can be found on the forum)

Would also like to mention MJs Digital Creationz where I made a couple of Layouts using her first for-sale kit "Perfect Moment" which can be found at Sunflower Scraps Boutique

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