Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What A Weekend!!!

Had one of my most exciting weekends, and here I am on Tuesday morning finally writing about it... well lets start with Saturday shall we?

My big little-man........ (drum roll please)........ rolled over!!!!! When he first did it, I didn't believe it was him... but when I thought about it, and realised that Dave wasn't even sitting next to him and I hadn't helped him... I was so excited that I kept popping him back on his tummy. After 4 rolls he was pretty over it and didn't want to be on his tummy any longer. But dare I say it...? I cried a little. Is there anything more precious than watching your child learn and grow right in front of your eyes? 

Even have a short vid of him on the Sunday rolling over on camera... I would like to stress how hard this was to obtain. He is a poser and everytime he sees the camera, he stops what he is doing, stares at it and smiles. (Gorgeous, yes! But can get a little frustrating when you are trying to capture some video!) Anyway... here he is on the Sunday, ignore me talking... please? ;-)

And my other exciting news is that..... we finished the mural! Well except for the outlining and the eyes, but have to wait for it to dry before we did that, so will just leave it til Sunday this week (only real day we can do it) and will be completely finished then. Took us a while and a few inhaled paint fumes which gave me a killer headache when I stopped painting long enough to notice. It was raining so the room wasn't properly ventilated and Riley was with us, not at my mum and dad's (like we did last weekend to paint) so had the lounge room shut off, so couldn't even get any house-breathing-cross-breeze-flow going on. I was a little too excited about the painting that night...! Here is a pic of the room where we are up too now... you can't see the elephants trunk at the moment, and there are a few white spots from the wall, but will look great when we have outlined :-)

On that exciting note, I am now off to go climb under Riley's playgym with him and make some stupid faces in the mirror, just to hear him laugh :-)

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