Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its a Jungle in there!

Well when we found out we were having a boy we began thinking about his bedroom and how we should paint it.

Personally I found plain walls, wall stickers, borders, wall hangings/paintings a bit boring and mainstream and too generic... so I am very glad I have an artistic man and he agreed that it would be an awesome idea to paint 3 walls I none colour and paint the entire 4th wall as a mural - feature wall.

We found the perfect picture through a google search and have gone with a cartoon styled drawing of a group of jungle animals. In the background we have a few vines and a (palm?) tree... in the foreground there is an elephant, a lion (not eating the elephant, that would make for an interesting childrens room mural!), a giraffe, snake and bird.

So far we have completely painted the 3 plain walls and the background of the mural. Over next to the door by the light switch, we are going to do a tall giraffes neck and head as a growth chart. We decided on a mural, because it will still be easy (ish) enough to repaint it when he decides he doesn't like jungle animals.

Dave has already been talking about painting the entire room in Manchester United theme.... it would be nice if he talked about changing it AFTER we have finished... but what do you expect? Luckily we both love painting rooms/houses so neither of us sees it as a chore. And we also love our own types of painting... he loves cutting in and doing all the fancy pants "neat edges" and I love getting a huge paintbrush and painting what I describe as "demolition painting" where you just attack the wall and get the paint on there. So glad we work well as a team and don't tread on each other's toes.

Cant wait until its finished!!! Riley is 3 months old now and we only started the mural today... woops!

Photos to come! (When we finish hehe)

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