Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sleeping Bag Saga...

Well the last week I have been doing some research into baby merino sleeping bags. I am wanting to start a home based business type thing that I can do while looking after my little one... and also any excuse to dress him up and take pictures... well I'm there with bells on! 

Have been asking alot of women about what they think of my ideas as during my reseach I have noticed something I could offer that I haven't found in other sleeping bags yet... so fingers crossed it goes as well as I hope. At the very least I might get a bit of pocket money for mine and Rileys clothes as we need them so we don't have to be short one week when he grows out of yet another set. 

On that note also, I have been looking at bibs and blankets as those would be quick enough to just whip together, and might be a good place to start until I have some money to get some sleeping bags made... Pre-selling might be an idea, but then again, if something happens and I'm unable to get it done, well that would suck for me and my customer... 

The ideas flow and the thinking peaks and the designs continue... watch this space

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